Ensemble Type: SATB Choir
Grade Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Duration: 4:30

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Each year, during the winter months, the far north experiences the phenomenon known as polar twilight, a time during which the sun does not come above the horizon.

During this time of darkness, rituals and invocations are sung to the sun, whom the storytellers in this setting refer to as their “living fountain”, in order to bring back light to the world and end the blackness of the night. The piece combines the poetry of St. John of the Cross with the Northern Canadian Inuit language of Inuktitut.

Taavligah (Morning Light)
Her shining never has a blur
I know all life does come from her
In black of night
The eternal fountain is unseen
Yet how well I know that flowing spring
In black of night
O living fountain that I crave
I know your face, I know your flame
O living fountain that I crave Sweet light surround me
She calls on all mankind to start to drink her water, though in dark.
In black of night
In black of night
For black is night


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SATB, Wind Sounds

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