Ensemble Type: Saxophone Choir
Grade Level: Advanced
Duration: 13:30

Price: $40

Notes on the piece by the Composer:

“This bunch of “musical wildflowers” (hence the title “Lincolnshire Posy”) is based on folksongs collected in Lincolnshire, England, and the work is dedicated to the old folksingers who sang so sweetly to me.” Notes by Arranger: For the sake of convenience, both the Sopranino and Soprano Alt parts are included in the score, However, since this is the same part, only one should be played. Throughout the score, there are optional parts for the higher saxes depending on whether or not there is a sopranino in the group. Only one of the octaves should be played.


PDF Persual


(Sop I,II,II,Alto I,II,III, Tenor I,II,III Bari I, II, III) Sop I can be substituted for Sopranino. Bari III can be substituted for Bass

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