Ensemble Type: Solo Piano
Grade Level: Beginner/Intermediate
Duration: 1:20

Price: $5


1) The piece has three sections to it, each section a repetition of the melody. As the melody climbs the clefs change with it. The first section is both hands in the bass clef, the middle section has one hand in each clef, the the final with both hands in the treble clef.

2) The piece can also serve as a stepping stone to music with unique ways of notating sound. There are no conventional measures, so performers are encouraged to think of and phrase each repetition of the melody as one large measure.

3) Since the piece is a sort of theme and variation, it can also be a study in form. The theme is repeated three times in its entirety, each time stretching out a little bit more as the sun reaches the horizon. The harmony is more coloured as the piece climbs, meant to represent the expansion of colours in the sky. The final ring is the sun peaking finally over the prairie horizon.


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