Ensemble Type: Orchestra and Choir
Grade Level: Intermediate
Solos: Flute 1
Duration: 6:40

Price: $75


For SSA Children’s Choir with optional Cello and Violin (2013)
Arranged for Orchestra (2019)

Russian Mennonites arrive at Rosthern, Saskatchewan July 21, 1983

Text Adapted from a Poem by Douglas Elves
One by one they step to the earth,
and hoping for prairie’s birth,
plant blossom within the breath, grow song.
With song the seeds intone a level harmony.
Voices disperse throughout the land,
like flinging grain from our hand,
and spring up within the breath, grow song.
We’ll wake the grain and choirs will sing:
Alleluia! There is no king but work, no god but peace.
White armies only winter storms,
from this new ground grow hymns that hint at peace.
Now home, now home,
grow hymns that hint at peace.


Study Guide


Flute 1,2
Oboe 1,2
Clarinet 1,2
Basson 1,2
Horn in F 1,2
Horn in F 3
Trumpet in Bb 1,2
Trombone 1,2
Trombone 3
Percussion 1 Glockenspiel
Percussion 2
Soprano/Alto (Voice)
Tenor/Bass (Voice)
Violin 1
Violin 2
Double Bass

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